Laura Varsky

Laura Varsky


I work professionally as an illustrator and children's books writer. I have more than twenty published books and collaborations with children's magazines and textbooks, in different genres: poetry, short story, theatre play, biography, etc. If I had to choose a genre it would be poetry, but also theatre. Having to choose between book formats I prefer the picture book, because it lets the text and image complement and enrich each other. I believe that a good book can be enjoyed at any age.

This is my blog where you can see my published work:

// Christian Montenegro

I’m an argentinian illustrator born in 1972. In my beginnings I learnt comic-book drawing with Alberto Breccia. I went to his classes for 5 years and he left a mark on me. After a while I studied graphic design in UBA and with that I finally became an illustrator. I work in Argentina as in other countries for magazines, books, publicity, television and web content. I made exhibits in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Berlin.

There have been articles about my work in important design magazines from Latin America, Europe and Asia. I have given lectures in Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and India.

// Laura Varsky

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. In graphic design, I’m focused on record art and books. I gave my first steps when I designed record covers for underground rock bands, and in 2006 I won a latin Grammy for best cover design, from a beautiful tango record. When it comes to books, my favorite ones are those that can be enjoyed by children, that is why this year I will publish “Lady René”, illustrated by me and written in my very own font (the first one that will be for sale!), with this I will combine three passions: drawing, fonts... and cats!

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